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British Values

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

At Ranvilles Infant School we have our TREE values in place to help us to learn how to get on with and look after each other.  

Our TREE values are:






Keeping safe is very important in our school and we discuss regularly in class and assemblies how we can keep ourselves safe.


We are a Rights Respecting school and we respect other people's opinions, religions and cultures.  

At the beginning of each academic year we discuss children's rights and what this looks like in our world.  Each class then designs a class charter which supports us to learn about how we need to behave in school and the wider community.


Each class also has a Tree where we earn rewards for displaying our TREE values.


We have Young Interpreters who help new children to settle into our school.  Children who are bilingual are encouraged to share their first language.


At Ranvilles Infant School we welcome a wide variety of visitors to enrich our curriculum.



We are lucky that adults can vote on the government in our country.  We teach children about the importance of democracy and practise this in school in a variety of ways.  

We vote for members of the school council and our Eco group.  We have a say in what we would like to learn and find out about in our projects.  In our Continuous Provision and Independent Project Learning we have the opportunity to plan our own mini projects.  

We also have regular opportunities to express our opinions in the classroom, in philosophy for children and in assemblies. 


Individual Liberty

When we try our best and behave in accordance with our TREE values we receive rewards at school.  This makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us happy.


We invite our parents and carers to celebrate our achievements with us in Well Done Assemblies and at the end of each project at our project celebrations.


We celebrate children's individual talents in our well done assemblies and at other opportunities where appropriate.  


Teachers ensure that all children access the curriculum and make excellent progress and achieve their full potential.  This is achieved by careful planning, teaching and assessment.


Some children require extra help, interventions or work to extend their ability.  This is personalised for each individual child.


The Rule of Law

The laws in our country keep us all safe and happy.  The law says we have to attend school every day.  By law parents should look after their children and protect them from harm.  


At school adults have a duty of care to protect all the children and to follow policies that reflect this.


Many of our families have a member serving in the armed forces and therefore we ensure that our children have a positive attitude towards the role they play in keeping our country at peace and to ensure the freedom that we have in the western world.  We do this by celebrating the armed forces at our Red, White and Blue day where parents are invited to come and talk about the jobs they do.


We have our guide to SMSC and within this we have a clear progression map to teach SMSC and RSHE in line with the statutory guidance.