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Family Support Sessions

Family Support Sessions at Ranvilles Infants School


At Ranvilles Infant School we are always willing to work in partnership with parents to improve the outcomes for our pupils. We look forward to working with you. Parents know their children best and are their child’s first educator.


Miss Barnes, Mrs Ward and Mrs Kimberley are our family support workers.  They can provide confidential support for parents and can offer zoom or face to face chats to help with any issues or concerns. We can also help with signposting to other agencies who may offer support such as the Primary Behaviour Support Team, School Nursing, Educational Psychology, CAMHS, Fareham and Gosport Early Help Hub, Speech and Language Therapy and Forces Family Support agencies.


In the sessions we use a child centred problem solving approach when looking at an issue, we always try to look at the positives and try to take a proactive approach as to how we can help plus any actions going forward. Sometimes just talking though an issue can help.


The type of things we can offer support for are:


Social, emotional and behavioural issues



Routines at home

Child and adult mental health and well-being


Family illness

Ways to support your child academically at home


Or if you just feel you would benefit from a supportive chat to talk through an issue – being a parent is tough!


You are welcome to contact us at any time to speak about your child and we do suggest that telephone or face to face conversations are the best way to do this in the first instance. We ask that initial concerns are communicated this way and not through Tapestry.  Please telephone the school office on 01329 841653. Miss Barnes is also outside on the playground at certain times during the week and you are also more than welcome to chat to her then. If more time is needed we can always arrange a mutually convenient time to talk.


We may also approach or contact you if we felt your family or your child needed or would benefit from some extra support. We always want to work with parents and families in a positive, constructive way following our school TREE values of Trust, Respect, Empathy and Excellence.


All of our staff are very approachable and available to listen so please feel free to talk to any member of staff you feel comfortable to do so with and they can point you in the right direction.  Mrs Ward and Mrs Kimberley are also our Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) and they have specific expertise in working with forces families and social/emotional needs.  As a school we place a big emphasis on emotional well-being and mental health so please do feel free to talk to us at any time.


We look forward to working with you!