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Vision – June 2020

I would like to welcome you to Ranvilles Infant School, an outstanding, creative school where children are happy and enjoy learning.

I believe our school motto of ‘Nurtured We Grow’ perfectly reflects the ethos of our school.  I believe that children need to feel safe, happy and valued in order for them to achieve their full potential academically. 

The culture of the school is one of Trust, Respect, Excellence and Empathy.  These are our Tree Values which are adhered to by both children and adults making Ranvilles Infant school a wonderful place to be.

We treat each child as an individual and work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that every child’s needs are met both socially and academically

At Ranvilles Infant School we pride ourselves on our unique fully integrated curriculum in which children have the opportunity to learn through exciting and purposeful projects.  Our integrated curriculum is designed with the learner at the centre, interrelating subjects in a meaningful and rigorous way.  The children go on school trips and we have visitors into school to further enrich the learning experiences for all children.  The curriculum design at Ranvilles Infant School provides inspiring, memorable and intellectually challenging learning for all children.  I believe we need to give children a love of learning so that they become lifelong learners and in turn excellent citizens in the future. 

Our unique curriculum is underpinned by our five learning values: Creativity, Independence, Emotional Intelligence, Spirituality, and Collaboration.  The children continuously experience these values throughout the projects.

I believe that children learn through discovery both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor learning is important as it gives children the opportunity to engage with learning in a different way.  At Ranvilles Infant School we have outside classroom learning areas for Early Years and Year One children.  We also have outside learning hubs, The Bandstand and The Forest Hut, as well as an allotment and wild area.  The children learn about sustainability, seasons and local wildlife through our Science longitudinal studies.  I feel children have the natural desire to investigate and therefore, embed their knowledge so that it remains for life.  With this is mind, I am currently setting up a Science Laboratory which will enable all children to investigate both indoors and outdoors.

At Ranvilles Infant School we have high expectations of behaviour and children are rewarded positively for displaying excellent behaviour in relation to our Tree Values.  We are a Rights Respecting School and the children are involved in creating a class charter which sets out the rights they have and how they will behave in the classroom in order for all children to receive these rights in school.       

We support children and parents and carers throughout their time here at Ranvilles Infant School.  We carefully plan transition sessions between pre-school to school, between moving year groups and between infant to junior school.  We work in partnership with our local pre-schools and Ranvilles Junior School to smooth transition times

Ranvilles Infant School plays an important part within our community and we link up with other schools to enhance children’s understanding of the world even more.  We are lucky to be on a campus with other schools and make the most of this through our campus council and campus activities

In conclusion, I believe Ranvilles Infant School offers a calm, purposeful and creative environment where every child can shine academically, socially and creatively.  Ranvilles Infant School is a happy and safe place to be.


Mrs K Woodmore

Head teacher